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DDW Weekly Highlights in May W5

☑️ S2W DDW Weekly Highlights in May W5

⚠️ Significant Data Leak Involving Indonesian Police Officers Raises Security Concerns

• On May 28th, a threat actor identified as Foxs7 on the dark web forum BreachForums advertised a data set involving West Java, Indonesia police officers.
• The data set includes personal details of about 26,000 officers, such as names, contact info, ranks, and affiliations, with a sample for 70 officers provided.
• Offered at approximately 700,000 KRW ($500), the potential exploitation of this data poses significant risks such as privacy intrusions, impersonation of officers, and targeted assaults against law enforcement personnel.

⚠️ 1.5TB Data Breach at U.S. Medical Company, Server Access Still Unsecured

• On May 29th, a threat actor known as Ddarknotevil on the Russian dark web forum XSS disclosed the sale of data from a healthcare provider that operates more than 50 facilities in the U.S. healthcare provider operating over 50 facilities.
• The seller disclosed that the substantial data breach involved 1.5TB, comprising patients' personal and medical records, sourced from the company's FTP server.
• Additionally, the seller mentioned that the data continues to be updated daily by the healthcare provider, suggesting that the hacking group retains ongoing access to the server, unbeknownst to the company.

⚠️ Numerous Spam Services Targeting Korea Identified in Chinese Telegram Channels, Supporting SMS and Messaging Apps

• Amid rising phishing via messengers, many Chinese services offering mass SMS and messenger dispatches in Korea have been found on Telegram.
• Various Telegram channels, in Korean and Chinese, regularly provide bulk messaging services targeting Korean consumers, supporting SMS and apps like KakaoTalk and LINE.
• The frequent Korean-related content in these channels suggests a need for increased monitoring.

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