QUAXAR is a Comprehensive Cyber Threat Intelligence(CTI) Platform that integrates Digital Risk Protection(DRP), Threat Intelligence(TI), and Attack Surface Management(ASM) solution all within a single platform.

Product Overview
QUAXAR Overview
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Cyber Threat Intelligence(CTI) Platform, QUAXAR is an automated data collection and analysis platform based on big data and artificial intelligence technologies. It strengthens an organization's cybersecurity by monitoring and managing external threats that are difficult to detect with internal security systems. The platform collects vast amounts of data from various hidden channels and refines and connects it to derive Threat Intelligence (TI). The extracted TI is used to proactively prevent a wide range of external threats and provide immediately usable intelligence, allowing for a rapid response to unexpected cyber attacks or detected potential threats.

Through QUAXAR, you can expect the followings:

We provide threat intelligence that is immediately usable within security operations flows, rather than just offering threat intelligence data feeds.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving threat landscape by identifying the motives and objectives of potential attackers.
Track macroscopic trends that could impact your organization closely, considering various influences such as industry developments and societal impacts, to enhance cybersecurity with foresight and accuracy.
Our investigative capabilities extend to meticulous documentation of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) used by these attackers, enhancing your ability to proactively respond to and mitigate potential threats.

Product Overview
Why you need Threat Intelligence?
QUAXAR Services
QUAXAR Key Features
  • Digital Risk Protection
    - Brand abuse site detection
    - Phishing site detection
    - Abnormal mobile app detection
    - Abuse sites/apps take-down
  • Active Threat Management
    - Ransomware activity monitoring
    - Latest IoC information
    - Attack Surface Monitoring
    - Threat actor profiling
  • Data Breach Detection
    - Corporate data leakage detection
    - Financial data leakage detection
    - Credential leakage detection
  • Vulnerability Intelligence
    - Risk scoring (CVSS, EPSS)
    - Information on affected products and manufacturers
    - Trending news on vulnerabilities
  • Telegram Monitoring
    - Monitors 6000+ channels
    - Customer tailored detection rule
    - Target user profiling
    - Telegram association analysis
  • Incident Response
    - Takedown services
    - Ransomware attack response
    - Cloud credential breach response
QUAXAR Use Cases
Use Case 1
Use Case 2
Company A - A case with high satisfaction for dark web/deep web monitoring and alarm features (Industry: IT) 

Company A required a solution that could proactively respond to external threats that were difficult to detect with internal security systems alone. They adopted QUAXAR to receive cyber threat information through various hidden channels, including the dark web. 

The client was able to proactively respond to external threats by setting up specific keyword alerts in QUAXAR, receiving data related to their own company that was detected and leaked on the dark web or Telegram. Additionally, they were able to prepare for potential threats more quickly than before by receiving real-time information about leakage cases related to the country and industry sector their company belongs to, provided by S2W.

Card Leakage Monitoring and Account Take-Over Monitoring (Industry: Finance)

Company B needed a solution to address the ongoing issue of card leakage incidents. By adopting QUAXAR, the client was able to monitor card leakage information in real-time and receive the data.

They integrated the real-time card leakage monitoring with their in-house FDS (Fraud Detection System), allowing them to use it effectively. The provision of actual leaked card information was faster and more accurate compared to similar services, leading the client to continuously use the service. In addition, they are enhancing their cybersecurity by utilizing the account take-over monitoring service provided by QUAXAR.

The client has incorporated the account take-over information into their own security system, enabling them to periodically monitor and respond to the taken-over accounts.