Virtual Asset Flow Analysis Monitoring Solution. Provides intelligence on virtual asset transactions, such as Bitcoin trades operated for illicit purposes. Able to track illegal transactions linked with deep and dark web intelligence.

EYEZ Overview
  • EYEZ Overview
  • Key Features
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Virtual Asset Intelligence Solution

EYEZ is a Virtual Asset Intelligence Solution that combines ledger tracking technology on large-scale blockchain transaction data with security threat information. This includes reputation information from the Dark Web and social channels, as well as sanction information from public institutions. It enables users to analyze the association and flow of various security threats and related illegal virtual assets.

EYEZ Key Features
  • Virtual Asset Address Management
    Accumulate rapid analysis and unique knowledge in cryptocurrency investigations
    - Classify and search cryptocurrency addresses based on user-defined tags
    - Collect from external web sources/third-party services and manual user input
  • Virtual Asset Transaction Tracking
    Automatically track token transactions from entered addresses
    - Analyze and search input addresses (date range/transaction type)
    - Display summarized address information (tags/total transaction count/deposit, withdrawal, balance amounts)
    - Track input addresses and display transaction details according to alert rules (deposit/withdrawal/address, transaction ID, timestamp, rule or tag name)
    - Provide visual relationship graphs
  • Monitoring Lists
    Efficiently monitor interested cryptocurrency addresses with major alert rule settings
    - Configurable alert rules (major events)
    - Monitor cryptocurrency addresses associated with cybercriminals
  • Integration with Dark Web Monitoring Solution Available
    Deeply analyze the flow of threat addresses focused on Bitcoin in the context of cybercrime through integration with a Dark Web monitoring solution. This includes activity on the Dark Web
    - Monitor cryptocurrency addresses discovered on the Dark Web
    - Activate XARVIS cross-analysis to track cryptocurrency addresses across multiple chains
EYEZ Use Cases
Use Case 1
Organization A - Dark Web Tracking of Virtual Asset Addresses (Integration with XARVIS)

Organization A needed a system to acquire and aggregate data on the cyber domain for tracking cybercrime. They particularly required a solution capable of monitoring the Dark Web, where cybercrime frequently occurs. They decided to adopt EYEZ, a system that collects virtual asset addresses and monitors fund flows, which can be integrated with XARVIS, a solution specifically designed for Dark Web monitoring. With EYEZ, they can query virtual asset addresses, while XARVIS plays a role in connecting them with other Dark Web information. As a result, clients can track Dark Web crimes and virtual asset transactions exploited therein through the integration of these two solutions.