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Big Data
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Big Data

In the vast expanse of cyberspace, threats and criminal activities continue to occur. Conventional big data platforms are insufficient for monitoring and analyzing such activities, necessitating a specialized big data platform.

S2W Big Data Platform

This is a specialized threat big data collection platform that produces its own data.
- The platform itself automatically produce and collect the big data specializes in the collection of big data on threats, producing its own data.

It has access to the most secretive and hidden channels in today's cyberspace, such as the dark web and anonymous messengers, and possesses a variety of advanced collection techniques capable of securing information on a large scale.
- It's a flexible analysis platform capable of handling various forms of threat data. It applies specialized data pipeline management and operational technology tailored for threat big data analysis.

Furthermore, it's a highly scalable big data processing platform designed for rapid result delivery.
- It swiftly responds to the exponentially increasing data volume.

S2W’s Big Data Process
S2W’s Big Data operations
Configuration and expansion of a highly scalable and flexible data pipeline

When new types of data and insights are required, there are disadvantages such as the high time and cost involved in building, verifying, and ultimately utilizing a system anew each time.
S2W creates a big data platform capable of managing and operating data pipelines to respond to the rapidly changing data of cyberspace.

To respond to the rapidly changing data in cyberspace, data analysis functions can be managed modularly, allowing the process of analyzing new forms of data and creating new value to be operated as quickly and efficiently as possible. This ensures the speed and scalability that meet the needs of the cybersecurity field.

Especially for the specific purpose of cybersecurity, this is essential.

Big Data Use Cases
Use Case 1
Use Case 2
Building a flexible data collecting system to respond to fast-evolving cybercrime
Efficient and flexible handling of different types of data