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What is Defensive intelligence?
  • What is Defensive intelligence?
  • How to Utilize Defensive intelligence
  • Use Cases
Defensive Intelligence

In the realm of cybersecurity and threat management, Defense Intelligence embodies the proactive strategies, processes, and activities employed by organizations to defend against and mitigate potential security threats and attacks. Serving as a fundamental component of a comprehensive cybersecurity posture, its goal is to enhance the organization's ability to protect its systems, data, and assets.

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?
Key Features of Defensive Intelligence

We collect data from various covert channels, including the dark web, leveraging it to derive the intelligence essential for threat response.
Through continuous monitoring and analysis of external threats, we proactively formulate preemptive defense strategies and post-incident response measures, thereby enhancing internal security.

What is Data Intelligence?
Defensive Intelligence Use Cases
Use Case 1
APT Group Response Strategy Intelligence

Providing the latest trends and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups, this use case offers insights into major attacks targeting the industry to which our clients belong. Corporate stakeholders can disseminate this information internally, allowing them to assess the impact by comparing it with their infrastructure environment.

Detailed TTPs of key APT groups and cybercrime groups such as ransomware and stealers are presented, along with immediately applicable information like Yara, Snort, and Sigma rules, continuously available. Clients can seamlessly integrate this information with their internal security devices.
As a result, clients can monitor potential threat landscapes in real-time and proactively prepare response strategies accordingly.

What is Offensive intelligence?
  • What is Offensive intelligence?
  • How to Utilize Offensive intelligence
  • Use Cases
Offensive Intelligence

In the context of cyber security and threat management, "offensive intelligence" refers to the activities and strategies used by security experts or ethical hackers to proactively identify and assess vulnerabilities and weaknesses within an organization's systems, networks, and applications. This includes techniques that simulate potential attacks or intrusions to allow the organization to better understand its security posture and take necessary measures to improve it.

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?
Key features of Offensive Intelligence

We analyze threat actors' behaviors, intentions, techniques, and more to predict their attacks and build defense strategies. S2W's Offensive Intelligence Research Team provides tailored security response guides for our customers' current situations.

We help raise security awareness and elevate insights through the provision of vulnerability-related information and regularly deliver insights on key threat trends.

What is Data Intelligence?
Offensive Intelligence Use Cases
Use Case 1
Attack Surface Management Detection and Response Strategy Development

We offer services to proactively detect various threat factors that may arise from the attack surface. Beyond vulnerabilities, we present customers with a range of elements that attackers could exploit, contributing to enhanced security.

Our service not only addresses threats like brute force attacks and code vulnerabilities but also provides ongoing reports on discovered vulnerabilities (1-Day). We continuously furnish analytical information on vulnerabilities actively utilized by attack groups and those of significant interest to numerous clients. This aids organizations in defending against campaigns orchestrated by attack groups by staying informed and fortified against potential threats arising from their attack surfaces.