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DDW Weekly Highlights in May W4

☑️ S2W DDW Weekly Highlights in May W4

⚠️ Japanese Construction Leader Faces Massive Confidential Data Breach

•Japan's largest housing construction company, with annual revenues of 30 trillion yen and 30,000 employees, has suffered a data leak. The leaked data is now being sold on a notorious dark web hacking forum.

•A threat actor known as '0x3a0' advertised the sale of this data on the Russian dark web forum XSS on May 21.

•An examination of the provided sample data reveals it includes not only employee IDs and passwords but also customer account information associated with major companies like SoftBank and Docomo.

⚠️ India’s Election Portal Hacked, Voter Info Leaked During Ongoing Elections

•During India’s  general elections, voter’s personal data has been leaked and shared freely.

•On May 22, a threat actor ‘8xexe8’ on the Leakbase forum released emails, passwords, and IP addresses from India’s voter registration portal.  

•India's general elections, which began on April 19, are in their final stages and have experienced a significant data breach at the voter registration portal. These elections, crucial for electing India's Prime Minister, are drawing global attention.

⚠️ US Military IP addresses Leaked, including US Forces in South Korea

•A post on a dark web forum exposing the IP addresses of hundreds of US military bases has been detected.

•On May 22, an anonymous threat actor on Doxbin revealed approximately 800 IP addresses of US military bases, including those used by US forces in South Korea. The post includes the names and IP addresses of each base, shared for free.

•The exposure of these IP addresses raises concerns about potential cyber attacks. Military installations typically keep their IP addresses confidential. This leak could be a serious breach of military regulations.

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