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DDW Weekly Highlights in May W3

☑️ S2W DDW Weekly Highlights in May W3

⚠️Internal documents from the UK government’s central site leaked, including financial transaction details and internal management codes

•On May 13th, a user named Nationalist on the dark web hacking forum BreachForums posted leaked internal documents from the UK government.

•The leaked documents included details on financial transactions of UK government agencies, such as dates, products supplied, suppliers, and order numbers, along with department information and internal budget codes.

•The affected site,, is the UK government's central website, providing various services such as personal information management, employment, welfare, and visas, indicating a high sensitivity level of the data it holds.

⚠️ Information from the Philippines Cyber Crime Investigation Unit's internal system leaked, containing police personal data and firearm details

•On May 13th, a user named ph1ns on BreachForums posted leaked internal documents from the Philippine police.

•According to the user, the leaked data originated from the internal management system used by the Philippine Police Cyber Crime Investigation Unit, with a data size of 1.7GB, and was made available for free through an external shared folder.

•The leaked data, containing over a million rows, included sensitive information such as police officers' personal details and extensive records on the use and storage of various internal equipment, including firearms, posing a high risk if exposed.

⚠️ Increased mentions of Session on Korean dark web forums. This highly secure messenger is used for distributing various illegal content

•Recently, dark web users have been diversifying their activities, with a sharp increase in content mentioning Session on Korean dark web forums, following Telegram (2.4 times more mentions in Q1 this year compared to Q1 last year).

•Session is known for its high security, requiring no phone number or email for registration, encrypting all conversations and content, and even preventing screenshots.

•Dark web users mentioning Session typically use it for its security features, often engaging in drug trafficking and distributing illegal content under its strong protection.

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