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DDW Weekly Highlights in June W1

☑️ S2W DDW Weekly Highlights in June W1

⚠️ U.S. Healthcare Sector Faces Surge in Data Breaches, Personal Data at Risk

• On June 3rd, a threat actor known as b1nary01 on BreachForums freely posted detailed personal information of U.S. Physicians.

• The leaked data includes over 1 million entries with physician’s names, titles, specialties, identification numbers, addresses, contact details, and other sensitive information. 

• This incident highlights a growing trend of cybersecurity breaches targeting the healthcare sector globally, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced security measures.

⚠️Confidential Files from Top South Korean Women’s University Exposed Online

• On May 31st, a breach revealing internal documents from a notable university was posted on BreachForums, available without charge.

• The affected institution is E University, a well-respected women’s university in South Korea. The threat actor claimed to have accessed and extracted SQL files, providing a link for download.

• Samples from leaked files were also displayed, revealing content likely from various sections of the university’s online portal.

⚠️ Cryptocurrency Laundering Techniques Revealed on Korean Dark Web Drug Marketplace

• A recent post on a Korean dark web drug marketplace ‘TopKorea’, provided an in-depth guide on laundering cryptocurrency for drug transactions.

• On the forum, a user known as ‘nobody’ inquired about cryptocurrency laundering techniques, detailing a method that involves acquiring specific cryptocurrencies through a Korean exchange and then converting them into alternative currencies on an international exchange.

• The site’s administrator recommended converting the funds into Monero, known for its strong anonymity, and dispersing them across multiple addresses to reduce traceability.

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