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DDW Weekly Highlights in May W1

☑️ S2W DDW Weekly Highlights in May W1

⚠️Internal documents from the Belarus KGB website leaked

• Internal documents from Belarus's "KGB" security agency have leaked and are circulating on a dark web hacking forum.

• On May 1, a user named Ynnian on BreachForums posted details about the leak, including server logs and employee personal data.

• The incident was carried out by Cyber Partisans, a hacking group opposing Belarus's authoritarian regime, targeting government bodies.

• The post notes that the Belarus KGB website has been down for over two months, with the data breach occurring last fall.

⚠️U.S. healthcare data breach detected on a prominent hacking forum

• Healthcare data containing U.S. consumers' Social Security numbers (SSN) has been leaked and shared on a dark web hacking forum.

• On April 27, a user named Eurydice on BreachForums leaked healthcare data of approximately 120,000 U.S. consumers, including names, genders, birthdates, SSNs, and addresses.

• Amid increasing cyber-attacks on the healthcare industry, the U.S. has been actively discussing enhanced cybersecurity measures for the sector, especially following a ransomware attack on UnitedHealth Group in February.

⚠️Mentions of LSD on Telegram drug channels have surged about 1.7 times in South Korea

• Since January, mentions of drugs on Telegram have slightly declined overall, but LSD, a major drug, has seen a significant rise.

• Data from S2W shows that while mentions of drugs like marijuana, methamphetamine, and ketamine increased last year and declined slightly starting January, LSD mentions have steadily risen, with a 1.7-fold increase by April.

• LSD, a potent hallucinogen, is distributed in paper form, making it hard to detect when mixed with mail or documents.

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