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DDW Weekly Highlights in April W4

☑️ S2W DDW Weekly Highlights in April W4

⚠️Chinese satellite communication internet company's internal data breach detected, with various account information and gigabytes of data leaked.
• Prominent Chinese satellite communication and internet company, Company P, experienced a data breach, with leaked internal data and network access credentials shared on a dark web hacking forum.

• On April 23rd, user "jcanter" on the dark web forum BreachForums posted internal data of Company P, including credentials for GitLab, Sonar, AWS, and links to download 3-4GB of internal data.

• User disclosed this data as only a portion of the leak, suggesting the possibility of further uploads.

⚠️ US government-affiliated data company experiences breach, leading to personal information leak of government agency employees.

• A US government-affiliated data company suffered a cyberattack, resulting in the exposure of personal information of key government figures.

• Company P, the affected entity, gathers data on decision-makers across US government agencies, selling it to clients needing government connections. It possesses data on about 300,000 individuals, including 20,000 government employees.

• On the BreachForums hacking forum, user "aptwin" shared sample data revealing names, addresses, affiliations, positions, responsibilities, contact details, and residences of government officials.

⚠️ Voter personal information leakage and sale observed ahead of Brazil's October elections.

• The voter registration information of millions of Brazilians has been leaked and is being sold on the dark web forum BreachForums.

• According to the seller, cutecat6996, the data dates back to 2021, and approximately 2.5 million voters have been affected. The compromised information includes their names, genders, dates of birth, registration addresses, and identification numbers.

• This year, amidst ongoing major elections worldwide, Brazil is also gearing up for local elections scheduled for October.

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