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Detailed Analysis of DarkGate: Investigating new top-trend backdoor malware

Detailed Analysis of DarkGate; Investigating new top-trend backdoor malware

S2W Talon publishes an analysis report regarding DarkGate. Please check and follow our medium blog for detail information.

- DarkGate is a malware that has been developed since 2017 and sold as Malware-as-a-Service.

- DarkGate was not widely used until 2021, but continued feature additions and modifications were made, and it is now found to be used in various attacks.

- DarkGate supports attackers able to do malicious acts to victims listed below.

- DarkGate needs to be kept track as features are continuously added and detection bypasses occur.

🧑‍💻 Report Author: BLKSMTH (Minyeop Choi) | S2W Talon

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