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VI conducts in-depth analysis of virtual asset transactions and monitors illegal transactions using artificial intelligence-based detection technology.

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  • Thorough prevention of abnormal
    virtual asset transaction

    Provide tracing and prevention of suspicious transactions using AI engines that learn addresses/patterns of unreported threats discovered through the Dark Web.

  • Globally proven

    Complete analysis and tracing of blockchain transactions with our virtual asset analysis capabilities, as verified by our security paper featured in the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS).

  • High flexibility to provide
    tailored solutions

    Provide API for data integrations with customized solutions tailored to customer’s needs.

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  • OKEX

  • Exchange

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You can detect and prevent suspicious virtual asset transactions through tracking and analyzing illegal money laundering behavior on the dark web with EYEZ AML solution.

Key Features

Digital visualization of blockchain

Effective threat detection with clustering

Tracking the flows of funds

Illicit transaction detection

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CASE STUDY when you need VI solution

  • Exchange service Manager
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    • Cryptocurrency
    • Analysis tracking
      of Virtual
      asset transactions
    • Block the inflow of
      criminal funds

    Virtual assets based on blockchain technology are often illegally.

    Eyez automatically tracks virtual asset addresses where anomalies are detected and manages a blacklist. If the address’s risk score is high and classified as a threat, Eyez will conduct an in-depth analysis of the transaction.

    It can block the inflow of criminal funds in advance and secure the trust of customers and institutions using our exchange.

  • Financial supervisory &
    Investigation agencies
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    • Financial supervisory
      and investigation
    • Artificial
      detection technology
    • Efficiency of tracking
      virtual asset
      in crimes

    Various cybercrimes occur in connection with virtual assets.

    Eyez collects and provides dangerous virtual asset information from various sources. It also provides information on exchanges through clustering, such as the hot wallet address of a virtual asset exchange.

    So, It can improve investigative power on the Dark Web and other unrecognized areas. It can improve the efficiency of tracking and investigating virtual assets involved in crimes.