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TI protects customers from various external threats such as information leakage through the highest level of data collection and monitoring/detection technology.

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  • Outstanding Threat Monitoring Coverage

    With outstanding DDW data collection technology, have a wider monitoring coverage compared to competitors.

  • Accurate Threat Detection

    Graph base relational analysis engine and¬†analysis team accurately detect threats and¬†identify the root cause of threats.‚Äč‚Äč

  • Actionable Intelligence

    Based on an understanding of the attack group,¬†provides immediate applicable intelligence¬†specialized to customers.‚Äč

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  • DDW Coverage

  • Threat Actor

  • Timeliness

  • Threat Type

  • Advanced
    Analysis Engine

  • Internal Analysis
    Team Capabilities

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    An icon for A company’s areaA Company

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You can respond to external threats effectively
with Quaxar.

‚ÄčKey Features

Brand abuse site/Phishing site detection

Real-time threat monitoring/alert

Customer tailored relation analysis

Threat actors profile

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You can comprehensively grasp all the information
on the Dark Web with Xarvis.

‚ÄčKey Features

Integrated search engine

Chronological Browsers

Multi domain cross analysis

User profiling tool, ‚ÄėDarkspider‚Äô


    • The accuracy of the information provided by S2W regarding credential leakage was substantially higher at 75~100%.

      There is a significant advantage in both quantity and quality of security services, considering credential leakage information provided by other companies had accuracies much lower than 50%.


    • Detection scale and accuracy of their monitoring system is much broader and accurate in terms of finding necessary information.

      Moreover, in-depth analysis report of data breach made it easier for us to take necessary action.


    • It was astonishing that we received information of phishing domains impersonating our brand before they were even activated.

      It’s certainly a new kind of information that we’ve never received before.


    • We were notified of a phishing app impersonating our brand on an unofficial app store that we‚Äôve never even heard of.

      We were able to protect our¬† brand‚Äč by taking necessary measures


    • S2W provides accurate and prompt information among the vast amount of threat intelligence data.

      S2W provides quality data that is more refined compared to those of other TI companies.


    • Rich in IoCs regarding major threat groups and malware.

      They also provide keen and rapid analysis through dedicated analysts.


    • Received critical infrastructure information, analysis of cyber crime.

      Particularly in bitcoin flow analysis of cybercriminal gangs.

      Public sector

    • Provided valuable Dark Web analysis data in the operation of Gandcrab & Revil Sodinokibi.

      In Operation Quicksand, analysis information related to malicious code and information related to attack groups were provided.


when you need ti solution

CASE STUDY when you need ti solution

  • C-Company Senior Manager
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    • Detect impersonating
      web sites
    • Take down
    • Brand Protection

    I get very angry when I look at sites that are impersonating our homepage. I think it can have a fatal damage on our brand value and harm the trust of our customers.

    It was great to have QUAXAR take down such harmful domains and impersonating accounts on social media.

    I was worried about our brand image because of hundreds of impersonating sites, but I was able to protect the brand without any further damage.

  • H-Company Manager
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    • Dark Web
    • Identify
    • Block malicious

    I heard that major domestic companies are always exposed to foreign state-sponsored hacking groups.

    Quaxar was the first to inform us that our company had been hacked and that a malicious code was spreading.

    Thanks to S2W, I was able to quickly block the malicious code and take proper action on the same day. S2W is also rich in IoCs for major threat groups and malicious codes.

  • W-Company Director
    An image of illustration about working on financial security and showing the steps with icon.
    • Fraudulent payments
      with customer cards
    • Identify
    • Avoid customer

    These days, many people use their PC or mobile apps to shop online. Hackers on the Dark Web often steal their financial information to make fraudulent payments.

    Because of Quaxar solution, our company was able to detect a large-scale leakage of financial information on the Dark Web in advance and alert our customers to protect their accounts. Thanks to Quaxar, customers who use our credit cards were able to avoid damage from fraudulent payments.