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DI analyzes various forms of digital exploration and detects abnormal transaction behavior and users through digital platform transaction data research.

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  • Identity Inference

    Detect suspicious users through user clusterization using a relational inference engine.

  • Behavioral Analysis 
    & Change Monitoring

    Detect and block abnormal transactions and behavior of users based on accumulated databases and detection techniques.​

  • Intellectual Property Protection

    Take various feedback from customers and present it as a customized solution to protect brand value and intellectual property rights.

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  • Abnormal

  • Abnormal

  • Detect abnormal transactions

  • Block behavior of users based
    on detection techniques


What is Digital Abuse? : The act of exploiting the characteristics of the client platform to obtain financial gains
(e.g. transaction fraud, self trading, abnormal marketing promotion receipt, etc.)


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​You can detect suspicious cheatings in the systems using the latest deep learning technology with Truz.​​

​Key Features

Infer suspicious users (Identify inference)

Behavioral analysis & Change monitoring

Score based risk management


    • MOU to strengthen trust in transactions between individuals.

      Through technical cooperation with S2W, the latest security technology will be applied, and further active investigation cooperation will be promoted to detect organized crimes in the future.

      Used goods trading platform

    • After receiving various risk information, I was able to build a dictionary.

      Information such as threat IP and account number with high accuracy has been provided, and customer complaints due to service error have decreased.

      Used goods trading platform

    • AI monitoring system is provided to detect transaction fraud and block it immediately.

      It blocked fraudulent transactions, an old task in the used goods trading market, and blocked registrations using personal information leaked through external channels.

      Used goods trading platform

    • Possible to profile users who continuously sell fake goods.

      It was possible to accurately grasp the size of fraud groups that were using additional accounts to illegally obtain financial sales gains.

      Limited edition resell platform

    • Possible to detect self trading aimed at receiving event subsidies.

      It was possible to protect our brand by detecting and immediately canceling transactions of users who repeated market price manipulation.

      Limited edition resell platform

when you need di solution

CASE STUDY when you need di solution

  • K-Company Director
    An image of illustration about resale abuse cases and showing the steps with icon.
    • Self-trading
    • Digital abuse detection
      and risk scoring system
    • Protect
      brand value

    Various digital abusing incidents occur on re-sell platforms.

    Among them, I think it is necessary to detect “cross transactions“. Cross transaction refers to a case when a user abuses the systems of the resell platform by making numerous self-trades to manipulate the market price.

    Truz detects suspicious users of cross transactions and immediately blocks their account. Through this process, we can reduce damage to other platform users and protect brand reliability.

  • B-Company Manager
    An image of illustration about ID security used in the crime and showing the steps with icon.
    • Fraudulent
    • Deep learning
    • Protect customers’
      personal information

    I received a customer service inquiry from a customer whose ID was blocked.

    It turned out that his cell phone number was found on the history of fraudulent transactions two weeks ago, and Truz immediately detected and blocked his ID.

    After tracking down using Truz, the number was used by a fraud crime group. It would have damaged our customers with fraud transactions if we had not used Truz solution.

    Truz makes us able to respond quickly and accurately to our customers.