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[Product] Cyber threat intelligence solution, Quaxar (SaaS dashboard)

Date 2022. 03. 30

Quaxar is tailored intelligence specifically designed for the enterprise's optimized operational environment. It features the ability to mount customer CTI-related data within Quaxar to quickly and accurately respond to threats and allows you to monitor a variety of exclusive information by linking external threat information with Quaxar. This helps clients make better decisions for sustainable growth beyond protecting their core assets.

Quaxar offers Attack Surface Management (ASM), Data Breach Detection, and Digital Risk Protection Service (DRPS) for you to distribute within your channels. Learn how to enable actionable intelligence, quick threat detection and analysis, proactive response, and more. If you want to get a free trial application of Quaxar, please contact us. (➡ https://s2w.inc/contact/)