[Product] Quaxar, the brightest beacon in the Universe

Date 2022. 02. 21

1. What is QUASAR? 

‘QUASAR’ originally refers to a light emitting body formed by powerful energy when a black hole swallows surrounding matter in space. The name QUASAR is an abbreviation for ‘QUASi-stellAR radio source’ in that it is a powerful light derived from a black hole. QUASARs have long been objects of mystery as they are the brightest celestial bodies in the universe that are trillions of times brighter than the sun and emit enormous energy at all wavelengths. 

2. Why QUAXAR?

Until now, XARVIS Enterprise(XE), an enterprise TI solution, has provided Brand Protection Intelligence and Threat Intelligence, detection of employee account leakage information, brand abuse detection, phishing detection, APT threat group information, malicious code analysis information, and Dark web ransomware analysis information.

QUAXAR is built upon the core foundations of XE and is determined to detect and illuminate threats in the darkest corners of cyberspace, just as a QUASAR generates the brightest light from the darkest black hole in the universe. QUAXAR takes a step beyond for the next level intelligence engine experience.

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