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[Notice] Introducing DarkCHAT: Darkweb data-trained ChatGPT

Date 2023. 10. 31

💥 Introducing DarkCHAT: Darkweb data-trained ChatGPT!

DarkCHAT is a product that combines a chatbot baked by DarkBERT with S2W's dark web monitoring solution called Xarvis. It incorporates various cybercrime search results, cryptocurrency transaction histories, and cybersecurity analysis reports integrated from the Xarvis solution, from monitoring to action.

When analyzing the dark web and cryptocurrency simultaneously with conventional security solutions, it would take at least a week or more to thoroughly analyze the historical context of the data. However, through DarkCHAT, it is possible to obtain answers about the dark web and cryptocurrency within 5 minutes with just a few appropriate questions.

If you want to watch the demo video, please visit the YouTube link below.
👉 https://lnkd.in/gr-4KCJr