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[Report] Detailed Analysis of DDW Issue related to Israeli-Palestinian (Hamas) War

Date 2023. 10. 31

S2W Inc. has published a Talon report related to Israeli–Palestinian (Hamas) War.

✅ Report Content: The ongoing war between Israel and Palestine (Hamas) has displayed a trend in which neighboring countries with local offices geographically located to the conflict, as well as those further away with, are targeted based on their individual relationships with the involved nations. This trend indicates that the scope of potential targets is expanding. Consequently, it signifies that any businesses could also become potential targets for activist hacker groups, depending on their geopolitical relationships.

📑 Report author: S2W Talon

👉 Please carefully read the executive summary, and if you want to read the full report, visit the S2W Inc. website to contact us. (https://s2w.inc/contact)