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[Notice] S2W Inc. is part of the IGCC 2023 (INTERPOL Global Cybercrime Conference) in Singapore

Date 2023. 10. 19

We are delighted to share that S2W inc. is part of IGCC 2023, the INTERPOL Global Cybercrime Conference in Singapore. Additionally, we are participating in the New Technologies Forum in Germany.

S2W's remarkable director of the Business Center, Ted Hyunmin Suh, had the privilege of presenting on S2W and our technology, sharing insights with 195 member countries worldwide on 'Introducing DarkBERT: An AI Model for Combating Cybercrimes at Scale in the Darkweb' and our future plans to expand its application use cases.

Here are the details of DarkBERT application use cases:

1. Multi-Domain Cross-Analysis: S2W has created a multi-domain analysis tool that aims to simultaneously analyze the dark web domain, surface domain, and blockchain domain.

2. Darkweb & Crypto Detection: We were able to quickly classify the neighbor nodes of blockchain transaction records and related darkweb contents.

3. Noteworthy Threat Detection – National Level Curation: Furthermore, there is a noteworthy threat detection use case. Many investigators do not want to spend their entire day monitoring darkweb pages and content. So, it's crucial to curate the content that one should focus on. We leveraged DarkBERT model to curate and detect cyber threats at the national level.

4. DarkChat - DarkBERT Chatbot: S2W is going public with our application 'DarkChat: DarkBERT Chatbot' (aka. Darkweb ChatGPT) for the FIRST time at this event. We are expecting significant improvements in productivity as the amount of unwanted contents will no longer be seen, as the model will give you the answer staightforward based on your inquiry. It will minimize the knowledge gap between seniors and juniors, as seniors will put less effort handling basic questions.

A huge appreciation to Craig Jones, Pei Ling LEE and the entire team for organizing this event and making it so meaningful. The link below contains the official event content published by Interpol.

👉 https://lnkd.in/gAgNeNS9

Next week, S2W will publish a short demo of our DarkChat on social media, so please keep an eye on it!