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[Newsletter] DDW Weekly Highlights in August W5

Date 2023. 09. 07

🌐 Deep Dark Web Weekly Highlights in August W5  

⚠ A threat-actor gang, primarily active on Telegram, has initiated a campaign to execute cyberattacks against the Japanese government. This action comes in response to Japan's recent announcement concerning plans to release contaminated water from Fukushima.

⚠ The hacktivist gang known as “Anonymous Sudan,” renowned for its activism-driven cyber activities, has been identified as the orchestrator of cyberattacks on social media, *, resulting in intermittent service outages.

⚠ A renowned Japanese conglomerate which manufactures watches and provides services, Se*** Group, has recently been targeted in a ransomware attack led by the notorious cybercriminal gang known as “Alphv/BlackCat.”

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