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[Report] Part2 - DarkBERT: combating cyber crimes at scale with AI

Date 2023. 06. 29

S2W has been proudly serving a special-purpose data intelligence platform as a service to public and private entities dealing with a variety of threats ranging from traditional crimes such as drug trafficking to high tech crimes involving cryptocurrency and ransomware. Our clients have been taking advantage of our platform that is loaded with a wide range of data gathered from purposely hidden data sources to derive actionable intelligence. This figure rougly illustrates how we have made our data collected from various data sources readily available on our analysis platform. Every component depicted in the figure is vital in establishing a complete threat intelligence production process, and thus they all have been developed and maintained in-house. Operating such a system on our own, we have been able to self-produce, directly deliver fresh intelligence to our clients (farm direct delivery!). 

Having such a scalable data acquisition platform, we have been dealing with a massive amount of data everyday. For all incoming data, our threat data warehouse applies a variety of threat analysis workflows to extract, relate and enrich information. For example, one of the workflows analyze all the web data and classifies them into clusters of similar websites. This new type of information generated by the workflow unlocks various features, such as advanced search filters, phishing website detection (The Web Conf 2019), etc. There is also another workflow enriches extracted information with cryptocurrency metadata and transactions so that our clients can correlate and investigate cyber crimes involving cryptocurrency transfer (NDSS 2019).

But what if a task in a workflow requires threat analysts’ domain knowledge or insights to complete? Can we automate such tasks and eliminate scalability concerns? This is where AI comes into play.

For more information about DarkBERT for threat detection and beyond, please visit our analyst's blog below.

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