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[Notice] The creators of the darkweb AI, DarkBERT, developed by S2W

Date 2023. 06. 26

The AI team from the data intelligence company S2W and Professor Seungwon Shin's research team from KAIST received recognition for their collaborative research on DarkBERT at a prestigious academic conference in the field of computer science and AI.  

An interview was conducted with S2W AI team members Jinwoo Jung, Woojin Jang, Jian Cui (Geon Choi), and Yongjae Lee to discuss the technical capabilities of the research findings. As an example of using AI, this latest accomplishment is expected to empower cybersecurity professionals and international law enforcement to detect criminal activities on the dark web at a much quicker pace and with enhanced accuracy.

S2W's solutions backed by this powerful DarkBERT: Xarvis and Quaxar, are ready for you. You can ask and try our solutions' demo. Let's explore the story of DarkBERT, aka the 'the world's first language model for the dark web'!


00:09 What is 'DarkBERT,' that making waves in the IT, AI, and cybersecurity circles overseas?

01:22 What are NAACL 2022 and ACL 2023?

01:50 How reliable do you think ChatGPT is?

02:43 How can you compare DarkBERT to ChatGPT?

📺 Watch the video: https://youtu.be/V5iSgAEedag 

*This video is translated into Korean, English, and Japanese.

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