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[Newsletter] DDW Weekly Highlights in June W1

Date 2023. 06. 01

🌐 Deep Dark Web Weekly Highlights in June W1

⚠ Noticeable Trend 

Personal information of individuals subscribed to the globally infamous dark web hacking forum, RaidForums, is being disseminated on a recently established hacking forum. The personal information of approximately 500,000 subscribers from RaidForums is currently being shared on the hacking forum Exposed. The leaked data comprises user profiles containing usernames, email addresses, passwords, and registration dates. The data leak is attributed to the operator of the Exposed hacking forum, who goes by the pseudonym "Impotent." The leaked file originated from this forum and has rapidly proliferated across various hacking forums, Telegram channels, and other websites and platforms.


⚠ Confidential Leak: US Government

The Student Identification (SID) system of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which operates as a subsidiary agency under the United States Department of Homeland Security, has been detected as being openly shared on the notorious hacking forum Exposed.

üFEMA, an agency operating under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security, plays a crucial role in coordinating and managing responses to disasters and emergencies within the United States.
üSID stands for Student Identification, which is a distinct number assigned by FEMA to individuals who are mandated to undergo education or training provided by the agency.


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