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[Newsletter] DDW Weekly Highlights in May W2

Date 2023. 05. 11

🌐 Deep Dark Web Weekly Highlights in May W2

⚠ Confidential Leak: Saudi Arabia Government

It has been discovered that confidential internal data from the primary US embassy in Saudi Arabia has been leaked and is currently being offered for sale on a hacking channel on Telegram. This gang behind the hacking channel on Telegram is named “Yleaks.” It is recognized as a proficient facilitator in the domain of cyber intrusion, with a particular focus on acquiring and circulating confidential data from nations in the Middle East. The data that is being sold comprises of sensitive information belonging to high-ranking officials and companies in Saudi Arabia, in addition to personal details of prominent US congressmen and other government officials.

⚠ Ransomware Attack: IT

A dark web ransomware gang named “LockBit” has targeted global corporations utilizing cloud services, resulting in the leakage of confidential internal data and subsequent extortion attempts via data exposure. The company that has been impacted by the attack is named Cloud**, and it relies heavily on cloud server services from prominent global providers such as Microsoft, DELL, and VmwareAccording to LockBit, the pilfered data contains confidential internal information belonging to both the targeted company and its clientele. LockBit has threatened to publicly disclose this data for free if the victim company fails to engage in negotiations within a specified timeframe.

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