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[Newsletter] DDW Weekly Highlights in April W4

Date 2023. 04. 27

🌐 Deep Dark Web Weekly Highlights in April W4

⚠ Hacking Channel

A recently discovered data leak channel has been linked to an infamous deep and dark web threat-actor gang named “LAPSUS$,” known for launching attacks against both major Korean and international companies.

- LAPSUS$: a widely recognized threat-actor group that has targeted prominent companies like Korean corporation S, as well as US companies such as Microsoft and Nvidia, with the objective of data theft. The group has been known to publicly disclose the stolen data through a Telegram channel.

The data leak channel, dubbed "WiperLeak," was identified and associated with LAPSUS$ after it was promoted on the group's Telegram channel in September of last year. Presently, the channel is operational on the widely-used messaging platform, Discord.

- Discord: a multi-purpose instant messaging platform that offers voice, chat, and video call features, primarily developed for facilitating communication among online gamers. However, it has come to light that leaked documents, including those belonging to US security agencies, are being circulated through this platform in recent times.

⚠ Threat-actor Group

The Indonesian threat-actor gang known as "VulzSec," which operates on the messaging platform Telegram, has been observed engaging in cyberattacks that specifically target various Indian government agencies.

The group has stated that their attacks against Indian government agencies are a retaliatory response to the indiscriminate cyberattacks launched by Indian threat-actors against Indonesia’s own major government agencies. Their actions can be characterized as hacktivism, aimed at making a political statement rather than personal gain.

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