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[Newsletter] DDW Weekly Highlights in April W1

Date 2023. 04. 13

🌐 Deep Dark Web Weekly Highlights in April W1

⚠ Confidential Leak: Telecommunication

Ro**** Communications, a prominent Canadian telecommunications corporation, has suffered a significant cyber-attack, and evidence of a data leak has been discovered. Recent posts on a Russian dark web hacking forum,, indicate that certain data obtained from Ro**** Communications' Active Directory has been offered for sale. The compromised data is believed to include detailed information regarding the corporation's servers and user PCs within the Active Directory.

  • Active Directory is a Windows-based service that facilitates the storage of employee accounts and company computer information within a centralized database. It enables the management and administration of user access through the implementation of policies.

⚠ Personal Information Leak: Translation Site

It has been discovered that the personal information of subscribers to the website of a Korean company called 'Foreign Language and Translation Center' which primarily offers translation services, has been made available for purchase on a well-known hacking forum named 'Amunet'. The threat-actor has disclosed that the data being sold on the aforementioned forum includes the information of relatively new subscribers (as of March 24, 2023) to the targeted website. The compromised data consists of the email addresses and passwords of approximately 250,000 subscribers to the affected website, as validated by the sample data supplied by the threat-actor. Moreover, it is projected that the breached information includes the accounts of several individuals employed in companies or organizations that make use of the victim company's services.

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