[Newsletter] DDW Weekly Highlights in February W4

Date 2023. 03. 02

🌐 Deep Dark Web Weekly Highlights in February W4

⚠ Confidential Leak: Philippine Government

Recently, it has been discovered that a notorious hacking gang has leaked data from the official website of the Philippine Civil Defense (PCD). This leaked data is currently being shared on a prominent hacking forum called "Breached." The threat-actor responsible for the data leak

has publicly shared the compromised data on the hacking forum for free, which includes the login credentials and the personal information of users registered on the Philippine Civil Defense website.

⚠ Ransomware Attack: Semiconductor

It has been reported that a Korean semiconductor company was targeted in a cyberattack by a dark web ransomware gang operating under the name "Mallox Ransomware." The affected company is a Korean manufacturer of semiconductor components, categorized as a small to medium-sized enterprise with a revenue of around 100 billion won and a workforce of approximately 300 employees. The company has been widely recognized as a prominent player in the industry through various media outlets.

⚠ Confidential Leak: Education

An incident of leaked information related to the "High School Nationwide Joint Scholastic Ability Test" scores has occurred via a Telegram channel. On the 18th of last month, a file with the name "" was uploaded on a Telegram channel called "Dr. No's Admissions Data." The file contained approximately 80 megabytes of data, including the names, affiliated schools, genders, class rankings, and overall school rankings of high school 2nd-grade students who took the nationwide joint scholastic ability test in November 2022 under the jurisdiction of city and provincial education offices.

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