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[Event] 1st Data Intelligence Webinar 2023 begins!

Date 2023. 03. 03

Data Intelligence Webinar, <with> 

As the technology advances into the data-driven future, it is likely that we need to confront with the new reality of hesitantly accepting the risk of such technology being able to infringe our own data.

S2W Inc. is launching the ‘Data Intelligence Webinar’ <with> betting against such vicious forecast.

With the belief that data intelligence security is essential to the future overall, we want to build S2W <with> as a town hall for sharing our ‘insight’ on ‘data’ that we all weaved into together, and ‘technology’ to protect. 

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For February Agenda 

February 28, 2023 (Tue), the first S2W webinar mainly talks about the importance of deep dark web data from a B2B perspective. Provides the latest trends for deep dark web data and key scenarios for account take-over (ATO). Talk about why you need to know data on the deep dark web from a business perspective, such as data leakage, and how to effectively utilize the insights found by your organization and the expected effects.

1) Keynote

What is data intelligence? Technology is no longer limited to specific fields and people. The faster the technology advances, the faster the technology's data and threat information is protected, so that we can receive information safely. Talk about why we started S2W <with>.

2) DDW Data Trend & Insight

What is the power of knowing intelligence for a company and the individuals in that company? Share the latest trends and insights on deep dark web data from a B2B perspective. The importance of securing threat data intelligence can be seen through domestic and international dark web user trends and examples of companies affected by data leakage. 

3) Account Take Over Scenario

Talk about major scenarios and countermeasures for account leak from executives and business partners. Threat detection team S2W TALON Hotsauce shares key scenarios for detecting account leaks and collecting, classifying, and analyzing data through hacking forums and hidden channel analysis technologies on the deep dark web. This will help protect your company's employees and partner accounts from malicious code and get key action items on effective countermeasures when your account is inevitably leaked. 

If you want to watch the on-demand webinar or download the presentation files from speakers, please click Download PDF below or you can view directly on the S2W event page.