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[Newsletter] DDW Weekly Highlights in January W3

Date 2023. 01. 26

🌐 Deep Dark Web Weekly Highlights in January W3

⚠ Ransomware Attack: Logistics

Royal Mail, a British courier & logistics company, was attacked by ransomware, which paralyzed overseas delivery services. On January 11, the UK's Royal Mail said it had suffered an unspecified cyber-attack, which prevented overseas delivery services from operating. Later, on January 13, a post was made on Russia's dark web hacking forum XSS which stated that the dark web ransomware group LockBit was behind the cyberattack of Royal Mail. The ransomware group LockBit said in a comment on the post that they had never cyber-attacked Royal Mail, and they claimed that someone seemed to have attacked the affected company by creating malicious code with the ransomware builder of LockBit that was leaked in the past.

⚠ Personal Information Leak: Dating Website

On the 17th, a personal information database that appears to have been extracted from a Korean dating website was found to be for sale on the famous hacking forum Breached. The seller said he would sell the data to only one or two people, not many, and uploaded the personal information of the victims through samples in the posting. However, it has been difficult to reveal the source of the leaked data. Recently, postings related to Korean dating websites have been found on the Dark Web/Deep Web Hacking Forum.

⚠ Personal Information Leak: Korean

On January 12, a post uploaded to the famous hacking forum Breached included files containing the personal information of about 720,000 Korean users. This personal information included names, IDs, email accounts, and resident registration numbers. It is difficult for hacking forum users who are interested in the leaked data to check the website it is from because the hackers did not specify the name of the data source separately and only gave the name β€œ2023 Korea consumer lead.”

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