[Newsletter] DDW Weekly Highlights in January W2

Date 2023. 01. 19

🌐 Deep Dark Web Weekly Highlights in January W2

⚠ Confidential Leak: Brazil Government

Internal data from the Brazilian federal government has been leaked and shared by the famous hacking group β€œGhostSec”. GhostSec did not specifically mention the reason for attacking the Brazilian government by sharing data, but considering that the group mentioned riots and protest, the recent issue of Brazil's presidential candidate's repudiation is presumed to be the reason for the attack.

⚠ Confidential Leak: Indonesia Government

Another hacker who professionally leaks data from government agencies in Indonesia is attracting attention by appearing at a famous hacking forum. β€œeducacionendase”, a user working on the famous hacking forum Breached, has made about 10 posts since joining the hacking forum in December of last year, all of which are about leaking data from Indonesian education-related institutions.

⚠ New Channel for Leaked Data: Telegram 

It has been detected that β€œRaid*****”, a Korean database sales Telegram channel which was introduced in the newsletter sent in the first week of January, recently completed the construction of a website for data leakage and started operations. It was found that anyone can register as a member of RaidKorea without certification, and some data is shared free of charge. On the other hand, other data is being sold for a fee, and data sales are conducted in the form of an escrow in which management can intervene in the middle of money transactions to ensure safe transactions. Based on the above circumstances, one of the channel's business models is estimated to be transaction fees.

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