S2W’s Technology
S2W proposes innovative solutions through the convergence of technologies. We leverage AI and security intelligence in big data processing to construct precise and secure data operation systems.

With years of expertise in collecting and processing dark web data, we design big data platforms and create secure security solutions based on our experience in analyzing and responding to external cyber threats.

Enhancing our technological capabilities in various dimensions, we are building a wide range of data intelligence platforms. From enterprise tailored sLLM to external threat response solutions, discover our wide range of solutions designed to protect user assets and improve operational efficiency.

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AI x Security x Big Data

The integration of AI and Big Data enables the secure centralization of data. In traditional work environments, where only experts had access to certain structured data within massive datasets, AI language models now allow all users to easily access the data they need from the entire dataset, according to their individual requirements. However, as data access becomes more convenient, the application of security technology is imperative to ensure the legitimacy of access permissions, prevent data breaches, guard against data tampering, and facilitate awareness or detection of such incidents.

  • SAIP is a tailored Generative AI Platform for organizations. It features optimized language model selection designed for specific objectives, along with a customized architecture engineered to enhance security environments. This ensures that internal data is securely managed while delivering the highest level of usability.

AI x Security

The integration of AI and Security enables the construction of automated security systems by incorporating various security expertise into AI models. This automation ensures that the system can adapt and respond flexibly through continuous learning, even in the face of data changes.

  • DarkBERT is the world's first AI model that understands the dark web. It is the culmination of language model technology, a part of AI's capability to understand given contexts, combined with refined dark web data, leveraging the know-how from offensive and defensive activities in the security domain.

  • QUAXAR is a comprehensive Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Platform that integrates Digital Risk Protection (DRP), Threat Intelligence (TI), and Attack Surface Management (ASM) solutions into a single, unified system. This robust platform empowers businesses to safeguard their critical internal assets and proactively address potential threats with immediately actionable intelligence.

Security x Big Data

The integration of Big Data and Security ensures that security capabilities are maintained at a high level, even as the volume of security-related data being analyzed increases.

  • XARVIS is an AI-based Cybercrime Intelligence Platform that leverages big data from covert channels such as the Dark Web and Telegram, which are rife with cybercrime, to provide crucial intelligence essential for national security and public safety.

    Furthermore, XARVIS utilizes a diverse array of intelligence sources, including virtual currency tracking and identifiers like Telegram/email IDs and PGP Keys, to meticulously trace the activities of threat actors. The platform further enhances its interactive and analytical AI capabilities with a feature called DarkCHAT, which offers functionalities comparable to ChatGPT.

  • EYEZ is a Virtual Asset Intelligence Solution that combines ledger tracking technology on large-scale blockchain transaction data with security threat information. This includes reputation information from the Dark Web and social channels, as well as sanction information from public institutions. It enables users to analyze the association and flow of various security threats and related illegal virtual assets.