About S2W
Discover the unseen.
We solve problems with creative technology convergence.

S2W strives for a world where everyone's safety is ensured and the brand value of businesses is protected. We believe in the beneficial power of technology. We research methods to solve problems and offer new intelligence and insights through creative approaches. These efforts enable us to gain diverse and new perspectives and see hidden information that may not be apparent on the surface. With perseverance towards the beneficial application of technology and the realization of a secure data society, we pave a new path unique to S2W.

Providing AI-based data intelligence that you can rely on.

S2W aims to provide reliable AI-based data intelligence. Leveraging sophisticated AI technology, we analyze big data and safeguard it with robust security measures. We detect hidden data, uncover relationships between previously unseen data points, and visualize them. Our role and goal are to create an AI-based data intelligence platform developed by a security-conscious company, contributing to the creation of a secure data society.

What we do

S2W proposes innovative solutions through the convergence of technologies. With years of accumulated data processing capabilities, expertise in analyzing and responding to external threats, and AI technological strength, we craft AI-based data intelligence platforms tailored to user needs.

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